CRAZY SEXY BEAUTIFUL - The Creative Soul Collection

CRAZY SEXY BEAUTIFUL - The Creative Soul Collection

This creative blend is a staff favorite. It’s powerful, feminine, and sexy. It is unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before. Grapefruit gives it a zesty citrus note, and the masculinity of it makes you feel powerful, take action, and express yourself. Frida Kahlo is the perfect spirit for this scent, she was sexy and a force to be reckoned with! Putting tuberose into the mix makes this blend unapologetically feminine.

Apply it to your hair or skin (ideally, wrists, palms, arms, neck, legs, feet). Inhale any time you'd like a whiff of self-confidence.

This collection includes: 3 Warm Human Essential Oil Solids (Grapefruit, Tuberose, Tobacco), and an empty Warm Human Inspired Compact to put them in and take on the go.

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