Fresh Candle - 8oz

Our Fresh candle starts with bright top notes of lemon, crisp apple, and ozone. Middle notes of delicate jasmine and white cotton blossoms add a floral touch to this airy fragrance.

Hints of violet and cedar round out the scent, while lemon essential oil enhances the clean, citrus element. Wrap yourself in the nostalgic aroma of clean sheets that were line-dried on a breezy day.

If you aren't a fan of candles or if you can't have any lit in your home due to tiny fingers trying to get into everything, that's okay too! This would make a great gift for any friend or family member in your life who loves candles or is just starting out and needs some fresh-smelling decor pieces. From housewarming gifts to wedding presents, the possibilities are endless for this gift! Or, gift it to yourself and enjoy!