Love Bundle

Californian White Sage with natural rose petals.Plus, a Palo Santo stick with a hand-wrapped raw Rose Quartz.

White sage: the most highly regarded sacred herb to use for smudging. The smoke of this magical plant will cleanse your space of negative vibrations and powerfully uplift any low energies.

Rose: Has been used as an ingredient in love spells since ancient times, and the petals of this enchanting flower are known to be potent bringers of good fortune, happiness, and luck in love. 

Rose Quartz from Madagascar: It is the stone of Universal love.  It opens and expands your heart. 

Palo Santo: It is used for spiritual cleansing and purifying. It brings in peace, harmony, luck, protection, and energy.  

Sizes and textures will vary from piece to piece, no two will be the same.