Moonstone, Rose Quartz & Rhodonite Bracelet


Gemstone Meanings:

  • Moonstone: An intuition stone. Helps to bring creative possibilities. Increases patience. Is associated with the moon and has strong feminine energy. Helps to release unnecessary stress. Help the reproductive and digestive system. 
  • Rhodonite: Self-worth. Emotional healing. Accept, forgive, and give love. Helps the immune system, joint pain, and healing the throat. 
  • Rose Quartz: Love. Nurture. Calm. Self-Worth & Self-Love.


  • Genuine Semi-Precious Stones- Highest Quality
  • Strong Elastic Band .7mm
  • Sterling Silver Accents
  • Sterling Silver Plated Crystal Accents
  • Vermeil Accents
  • Handmade & Shipped with love from the U.S.A.

Product Highlights

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