My Daily Intention - Sticky Notes (Set of 3)

Be present but also look ahead to the future. Set your daily intentions using the "My Daily Intention Sticky Notes." These are a cute and colorful addition to your office supplies and are easy to stick and peel.

These packs can be used to write an uplifting message to yourself or it can be used for reminders for yourself at work, school, or for groceries. They are available in a variety of colors that will stand out whenever you need them to, whether it is on other paper or stuck inside textbooks to highlight information. They can also stick to your mirror if you need to remind yourself of the good in life.

These sticky notes come as a set of 3 with 50 sheets each. This would be a great addition to any gift for any occasion. It doesn't matter if that person in your life is normally very happy, we could all use a reminder to write down what we are grateful for. Or if you have a family member who needs a piece of paper on them at all times, this works for that too!


  • Size:3"x3"
  • Color:Assorted, Mint, Peach, or Strawberry
  • 50 sheets each