Pitta Body Oil

Comprised mainly of the fire element, people ofpitta nature are prone to excess heat in the body, inflammation & sensitivity. Use this botanical blend tocalm, soothe &coolyour skin.

Key Ingredients:

Sunflower Seed Oil

As its name suggests, the sunflower seed oil is extracted from the seeds of sunflowers. A great source of vitamin E, sunflower oil has emollient properties which help the skin to retain its moisture by locking it within its cells. This oil’s wealth of vitamin E & A also provides antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful UV rays & other environmental stressors. Sunflower seed oil is also high in omega-6 fatty acids, which provide anti-inflammatory properties that help to lower skin redness & roughness, while also enhancing the development of new skin cells. Due to its overall cooling nature, Ayurveda considers sunflower oil to be the most balancing oil for pitta-type skin.

Gotu Kola

First grown in India, Gotu kola can be found in the Himalayan Mountain Range. According to Dr. Frawley, a leading Ayurvedic doctor, yogis ingest the plant prior to meditation because of its calming, stabilizing effects on the body & mind. Gotu kola is a brain tonic, as it revitalizes brain cells & is also packed with vitamin C. We include this powerful plant into our infusion for its bitter, cooling & purifying effects on pitta-type skin. 


Did you know that coriander is the seed of a cilantro plant? Commonly used in Indian curry & Ayurvedic cooking to promote healthy digestion, coriander, when used both internally & topically,  helps maintain a clear complexion by reducing the excess heat brought on by an imbalance in pitta dosha. It also promotes feelings of relaxation thanks to its sweet, herbaceous aroma. 


  • Ingredients: Almond oil, sunflower, Gotu Kola, Rose, Coriander, Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang (all of these are certified organic), lavender, sweet marjoram, Roman chamomile, sandalwood, vanilla bean (all of these are certified pure therapeutic grade).
  • Disclaimer: If irritation occurs, discontinue use. This oil is natural and minimally processed, therefore particles or cloudiness may appear. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. 
  • Infused with Ayurvedic healing mantra.