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    Pure Essential Oils - Cedarwood - 4 Pack

    This Pure Essential Oil features a Cedarwood scent that is perfect for any diffuser or jewelry that can hold oils. It comes in a pack of 4 for you to keep on hand or to add to gifts for any friend or family member.

    This would make a great addition to any basket and gift set for the people in your life. This is also great to add to a diffuser if you want to have your home smelling sweet or woodsy, but don't want to have anything hot or open flames. This makes a great alternative to candles or wax warmers, especially for people with little ones who get their hands into everything. Adding these oils to a diffuser up high, away from little hands makes this a much safer option.

    Each of our essential oils is imported directly from France and a COA (Certificate of Analysis) has been provided to us for each batch of oil we buy.

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