Tiger Eye & Lava Stone Bracelet - Release Anxiety

Take charge while exploiting the benefits of all three lower Chakras when wearing your Tiger’s Eye and Lava Stone bracelet. 

Transformative Properties:  The Tiger Eye stone is believed to help release anxiety and fear while encouraging harmony and balance.  Tiger Eye is worn by those who need to confidently make decisive steps with a level of discernment, unclouded by emotions.  The Lava Stone is a grounding stone said to create calm. The porous lava stone can also absorb your favorite essential oil.

  • Strong Elastic Band for flexibility and comfort.
  • Can be used with your favorite essential oil

Instructions:  Cleanse by dipping quickly in hot mildly soapy water. Wear on the left wrist to “receive” the benefits of the stone. 

Specifications: Approximately 8.5 inches on an strong elastic band. 

Disclaimer:  The information provided here is be used for educational purposes only and should not be construed as or a substitute for the medical advice of your healthcare provider.