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    September 10, 2021 4 min read

    I usually try to keep things feeling zen, but I’m not going to lie to you… I’ve been a bit stressed. As my summer activities are winding down and I’m launching into all sorts of new projects, I’m feeling super excited and a little overwhelmed. And I bet I’m not alone! 

    That’s why this month’s list is all about things that make life a little easier, so you can stay on top of your crazy schedule while also fitting in a little R&R.

    Metanoia Wellness September Shopping List

    Prema Seamless High Rise Yoga Leggings | Being busy doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable! These plum leggings are so soft and designed to both sculpt and lift. You can dress them up or down and then head straight to the gym (100% squat proof!). I also love how these leggings are created: using the first-ever biodegradable thread, which allows them to decompose in a landfill after years and years of use. They’re also completely free of chemicals that harm human skin. 

    Organic and Therapeutic Bath Salts | A bath should do more than just relax you…it should revitalize you! These bath salts are created to not only soothe aching muscles, but the ingredients will also soften your skin and fill your space with scents to ease your mind. Add a couple of scoops with a teaspoon of coconut oil into a warm bath for an impromptu spa experience. Get in carefully, since the oil will make things slippery! I’d recommend forgoing the bath soap, giving your skin has the opportunity to really take in all the nourishing ingredients.

    Natural Rubber Trigger Point Ball | I hold stress right up around my shoulders, and getting my muscles to release after a long day at the computer can take some work! Lucky for me, I have one of these perfectly-sized trigger point balls. This little ball is a super-targeted version of foam rolling, and this little ball lets you really dig into tight, knotted muscles for a nice release without pain. 

    Natural Mineral Deodorant | I try not to sweat the small stuff…and this deodorant helps me out! Made from essential oils with no metals, no talc, no preservatives, and no aluminum, I can rest easy knowing that I’m protecting my body while still staying fresh. They do have a fragrance-free option if your nose is sensitive to smells, but I’ve been absolutely loving the Eucalyptus Rosemary scent. It’s soft without being too floral and keeps me feeling confident all day.

    Reusable Coffee Filter | Love (and need) your morning coffee as much as I do? You no longer have to feel guilty about throwing away coffee filters! Instead, use these easy-to-clean, reusable coffee filters. Good for up to 100 uses, these filters are made from raw cotton and contain no bleach, chemicals, or dyes. 

    Lumbar Support Massage Stretcher | Release pressure in your spine and fight against the damage that too many hours at a desk can cause. The pressure points on this massage stretcher mimic acupuncture, and the multi-level settings allow you to protect your spine from stretching too far…as well as increase your flexibility and intensity over time. I’ve been lying on this stretcher for just five to ten minutes a day, and the muscles around my lower back are so much happier. 

    Psst! Future Mama, this one’s not recommended for pregnant women. However, it could be a nice post-delivery treat and some lovely restoration for your spine!

    Mod Zafu | I think all of us can agree: when we get busy, our self-care goes out the window – especially the things we do for our inner selves. However, we can’t give to others when we’re not filling ourselves first. So let’s fight this tendency together and do something that truly benefits us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – meditation! I love a nice, long meditation, but my back and knees definitely don’t. However, since I’ve been using this Mod Zafu cushion, the support it’s given me has made long meditation sessions so much more comfortable.

    Afternoon Sangria White Rhino Signature Backpack | I’ve been on the go a lot this past month, and this backpack has been with me every step of the way! Gorgeous and super spacious, my favorite thing about it is how easy it is to carry, no matter what else I’m hauling around with me. I can wear it like a classic bookbag with a strap on each shoulder or zip them together to turn it into a one-arm option. 

    Funny Foods Notepads | You’ve got a million To-Do lists. These notepads make them a little more fun. Whether you use them to whip together a grocery list (“That’s What Cheese Said”), or you’re using them to write out the things you’re grateful for in the morning on the “Always Be Grapeful” notepad, you can count on these funky little lists to make your day more fun!

    Black Tourmaline Crystal | I love keeping crystals in my space to help create a comfortable and energetic environment. Black tourmaline, in particular, supports stress reduction and a healthy mood, and a detoxed space. This crystal is held up by a small frame, making it the perfect desk ornament during a busy week.