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    December 24, 2021 3 min read

    Winter has come and with it the gift-giving season. Give your loved ones the best wellness gifts to help them use the end-of-year to recharge. While you’re at it, pick a few items for yourself too! Let’s take a look at some carefully and thoughtfully made items that are perfect for the season.

    December Shopping List

    #1. Christmas Hearth Soy Candle

    What’s the holiday season without scented candles and some festive lighting? The Christmas Hearth Soy Luxury Candle from Lovespoon Candles is the perfect way to light up your home for the holidays. Notes of pine, fir, and spiced orange bring in cozy, festive feels.

    Plus the jar is made from 50% recycled glass while the candle is made from high-quality and natural ingredients like soy wax and essential oils.

    #2. Paint by Numbers Kit - Campfire

    This campfire-inspired kit is proof that paint by numbers isn’t just for children. The Campfire theme will complement your holiday season decor. You can work on it on your own or complete it with your loved ones, making it a creative way to bond. With its beautifully warm and realistic hues, this art kit is easy to use, relaxing, and makes a great DIY decoration for your walls once you’re done.

    #3. Handcrafted Wood Journal/Planner - 5"X7"

    If you love journaling or taking down notes, get this handcrafted journal for the New Year. Made of locally sourced, sustainable wood, it also comes with a cotton drawstring for easy carrying.

    #4. Noskid Sandwash Yoga Towel

    New Year, new goals. If you’ve been planning to start your fitness journey, there’s no time like the present. This cool yoga towel will help get you on your way to becoming a better, fitter version of yourself.

    The Noskid Sandwash Yoga towel dries 200 percent faster than cotton while giving you a soft, suede-like, no-slip surface.

    #5. 7 Chakra and Turquoise Brown Lava Stone Bracelet

    If a loved one is into healing and spirituality, why not put a smile on their face by gifting them this gorgeous lava stone bracelet? Give the gift of good vibes with this beautiful turquoise and brown beaded bracelet. The bracelet is designed to easily absorb essential oils. A few drops will give you aromatherapy for days.

    #6. Foaming Liquid Hand Soap - Tide Pool

    Handwashing is key to staying healthy and disease-free especially with the current health crisis. This foaming hand soap formulated with coconut and olive oil lets you care for your hands while enjoying the invigorating scent of eucalyptus, sage, and spearmint essential oils.

    #7. Shea & Beeswax Hand & Cuticle Therapy

    The dry winter season can rob our hands of moisture. With this extra-rich shea and beeswax formulation, you don’t have to suffer dry and cracked skin. It heals and repairs your hands and cuticles with the natural goodness of aloe, lavender, shea butter, glycerin, safflower, and wheat germ oil. Beeswax, orange wax, and extracts of comfrey, rosemary, and plantain boost its hydrating properties.

    #8. Sunflower and Shea Butter Foot Treatment

    Give your feet some love with this sunflower and shea butter foot treatment. Prevent cracked skin and dryness amid the season’s cold, harsh weather. This natural, organic cream doubles as a massage cream and is filled with hydrating and healing ingredients.

    Its nourishing ingredients include shea butter, aloe, sunflower and olive oil, natural waxes, and extracts of lemon, orange, bilberry, sugarcane, sugar maple, and more.

    #9. Relief Herbal Tea

    If you suffer from allergies or come down with the cold or flu, you’ll be glad to have a bag of this handmade herbal tea around. It has a blend of clove, hibiscus, peppermint, and violet that calms the senses while supporting healthy digestion. Indeed, this Relief Herbal Tea is all kinds of good for your health.

    #10. Candy Cane Organic Handmade Soap

    Natural handmade soaps make cute festive gifts. When they’re infused with the smell of candy canes, they become a treat for the senses and the hands!

    This soap from Sweet Harvest Farms leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

    Did you know?

    Metanoia Wellness supports and empowers women. All of our merchandise is sourced from small businesses that represent diversity and equality. Purchases from Metanoia don’t just ensure high-quality items but are also an expression of support for the female small business owners behind it.