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    April 15, 2022 3 min read

    Sound baths have been becoming more and more popular, as people realize the power of this practice. There are centers in many cities that are dedicated to offering sound healing practices like sound baths, and they’re also commonly offered at yoga studios and in other healing spaces.

    What is a sound bath like? Why might you choose to receive this experience?

    What is a sound bath like?

    A sound bath is a meditative experience. During a sound bath, participants settle into a relaxing position, usually lying down (often with pillows or other props to help them be comfortable). They are then immersed in ambient sound. Sound baths usually last for about half an hour to an hour, although they can be longer.

    The goal of a sound bath is to help you shift into a deeply meditative state. Some people find that it’s easier to let go of distractions during a sound bath, because of the immersive sound. The sound waves themselves are also believed to have healing properties, as the vibrations travel through various parts of the body.

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    What types of sounds will you hear?

    A sound bath is not a concert, and the sounds you hear aren’t intended to be musical. Rather, they’re used to help guide you into a state of deep meditation. Some of the instruments used during a sound bath may include:

    • Singing bowls

    • Gongs

    • Tuning forks

    • Chimes

    • Bells

    • Rattles

    • Didgeridoo

    • Voice

    The specific instruments will vary in different sound baths, with each one being a little bit different. Giving a sound bath is a particular skill, and the people who offer sound baths usually have specialized training in how to do this. They use their intuition along with their knowledge to help them create an acoustic environment that will guide participants into a deeply relaxed state.

    What are the benefits of sound baths?

    Sound healing has been used for centuries by a variety of cultures. From Greece to Tibet to Australia, ancient cultures were well aware of the power of sound to heal. In modern times, studies have shown that sound baths can help to improve mood, relieve tension and anxiety, and improve spiritual well-being.

    Sound baths are uniquely created to help guide people into an altered state of consciousness, a trance-like or dream-like state. Many people report seeing visions, feeling sensations in the body, or other sensory experiences during a sound bath. In this state, your access to your intuitive inner wisdom is often heightened, allowing you to get answers to questions in your life. You might also find yourself getting clarity and perspective around challenges, such as issues with relationships.

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    Should you try a sound bath?

    For some people, a sound bath is the best way for them to access a deeply meditative state. If you’ve been thinking about receiving a sound bath, our advice is to give it a try. The only way to know what it’s like is to try it for yourself and see the effects.

    It’s important to note that while sound baths are powerful, they aren’t a replacement for other forms of treatment. If you have depression or anxiety or are otherwise struggling with your mental health, then a sound bath may be a wonderful way for you to access a state of relaxation and calm, but it shouldn’t be used to replace treatments like therapy or medication. Always remember to seek out help for any mental health challenges, because none of us are meant to take on the world alone.