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    BeYOUtiful Spray Set

    Enjoy BeYOUtiful - The Love Your Body Blend in both the 4 oz. and the full size spray! Our solid perfumes have superpowers inside and can be worn anywhere on your body or hair.

    Cinnamon + Sweet Orange + Ginger

    SMELLS LIKE: You are the definition of beautiful, exactly as you are. Notes of warm cinnamon, ginger, and citrus.

    Dear body you are my longest companion and the place I call home. I am so grateful for you and everything you do. You are worthy of my deepest love & respect. Every day I promise to treat you & speak to you with kindness & compassion.

    This blend helps you remember…

    Your body is worthy of your love & gratitude every day. It’s lovable at this stage, age, ability, and with that number on the scale. It will be JUST as lovable as each of those things change (for better or worse). Feed it, move it, stretch it, and love & nurture it every day. In return, it will be there for you every moment of your life, give you its all, have your back, and give you the ability to experience love in a 1000 different ways.

    Choose this if you want to be + feel:

    1. love myself

    2. accept your body

    3. notice the good

    4. fearless/courageous

    5. attractive

    6. energetic/vibrant

    7. unique = good

    8. confident

    9. self-worth

    10. open heart

    11. move forward

    Activates These Chakras

    1 st Root, 2 nd Sacral, 3 rd Solar Plexus, 4 th Heart, 5 th Throat, 7 th Crown

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