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    Tiare Tahiti Perfume Oil

    Delicate white blossoms of the Tahitian Tiare infused with soft Teakwood. A feminine floral from tropical Tahiti.

    Our jojoba-based perfume oils last longer than alcohol perfumes, and won’t leave you in a cloud of fragrance. The oil sinks into the skin, sustaining its aroma throughout the day as your skin heats up. Convenient and easy to carry with you, tuck it into your pocket or on your desk for a dose of uplifting fragrance anytime!

    The national flower of the faraway island of Tahiti, the Tiare is a small, white, star-shaped flower that blossoms all year long on the cliffs of French Polynesia. Used since ancient times in everyday Polynesian life, the white petals of the Tiare flower were infused in coconut oil and applied as a skin conditioner to protect the skin of fishermen while out at sea. The Polynesians also used the fragrance for therapeutic massages and during religious ceremonies to anoint sacred objects and purify offerings to the gods.

    This perfume oil is perfect if you enjoy the sweet floral scents. If that is not your type of scent, that's ok! This would also make a great gift for any friend or family member that enjoys the sweet scent of floral. 


    • Size: 10ml
    • Cruelty-free
    • Alcohol-free
    • Phthalate-free
    • Notes: Tiare, Teakwood
    • Fragrance Family: Floral