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    May 21, 2021 2 min read

    Spring is just around the corner! If your emotions are feeling wrecked after a year of COVID-19 quarantines and the winter blues, you’re not alone. These tips will point out ways you can support yourself emotionally as spring approaches and help you find your way to a healthy headspace.

    1. Spring Cleaning

    One of the best ways to help clear up foggy emotions is to clear your space. Beyond your regular quick clean, try to really set aside some time to go through your home and mindfully clear the clutter that might have also become mental clutter.

    It can be hard to let go of things, even if you know that you do not need them and have no intention of using them again. While it’s perfectly fine to keep things around for sentimental value, you don’t want to fall into the mind trap that everything is sentimental.

    If you’re on the fence, try out the KonMari Method. Keep only the items that give you true joy today. For anything else, take a moment to mindfully thank the item you’re releasing. Remember the joy it gave you in the past and take a minute to savor that joy. Then, set it aside for donation, knowing it will bring joy to someone else instead of collecting dust in your home.

    1. Be Creative

    Spring colors are about to fill our world and provide lots of inspiration. Now’s the time to finally pick up that paintbrush, pen, or instrument and really feel those emotions of hope and awakening all while expressing any negative feelings.

    Whether you’re journaling, drawing, singing, or playing, releasing your emotions through a creative outlet is almost a means of “spring cleaning” your mind and heart. Expressing yourself in a tangible way allows you to confront emotions, turn them into something you find meaningful, and move forward.

    1. Hack Your Hormones

    Getting your brain to “feel happy” can be difficult. However, our perception of “happiness” is controlled by chemicals in our brains. If you can get your body to produce more mood-boosting hormones, you can support your overall happiness.

    Here’s a few “hacks” to help you tap into those feel-good molecules:

    • Dopamine: The “Reward” Chemical

      • Complete a short task
      • Do a self-care activity
      • Eat something delicious
      • Celebrate the small wins
    • Oxytocin: The “Love” Hormone

      • Play with a dog or a baby
      • Hold hands with your partner
      • Hug a family member
      • Hand out compliments
    • Serotonin: The “Mood Stabilizer”

      • Meditate
      • Walk in nature
      • Get some sun
      • Exercise in a way you enjoy
    • Endorphin: The Natural “Pain Killer”

      • Put on a comedy and laugh
      • Try some dark chocolate
      • Use essential oils
      • Get your body moving

          Bonus: Getting Help

          If you feel that your emotional health could use a check-up, it could be time to reach out for help. Therapy is a useful tool when navigating complicated emotions and thoughts. Check out therapy options in your area or online private counseling from someone like Better Help and choose a place you feel comfortable sharing. You deserve to be your happiest and healthiest self and investing in your emotional wellbeing is a great place to start.