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    August 13, 2021 2 min read

    From the workplace to the home front, your days bring a fair share of demands that can leave you feeling drained, deprived, and even depressed. Because of this, it’s absolutely essential to prioritize ways to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Admittedly, it’s not always possible to plan a spa day or get away for the weekend, but there are many creative relaxation techniques that you can seamlessly incorporate into your day to bring the relief and rejuvenation you need.  Be intentional with your moments of relaxation, remaining as distraction-free as possible. Whichever techniques you decide to implement, make sure that you are fully attuned with what you’re looking to achieve and how that technique will help you achieve it. 

    Sandy beach and the ocean
    Plan some quiet time by placing your electronic devices on silent or powering them down completely. Technology is helpful but can also be very distracting.  Use those few minutes of silence and stillness to tap into your thoughts for meditation or prayer. Repeat your personal mantras or affirmations to shift your mindset to a positive and empowering place. Speak great things into existence for your life and affirm new strength into your day. Positive thinking translates into positive lifestyles.
    Not giving your body the essential daily nutrients required, is a sure way of becoming irritable, fatigued, and stressed out. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle that you can drink throughout the day. Eat well-balanced and wholesome meals as well as nutrient-packed snacks. Don’t deprive yourself, just make sure that what you’re eating and drinking is fueling you to remain alert and strong all day. 
    Curate your workspace to eliminate visual clutter. We underestimate how much a messy environment can contribute to stress. Organize your items and keep only the things you need for the day on hand. That way, your needed files and supplies will always be accounted for and easily located. Try bringing in elements of nature to liven your work space. Place a low-maintenance plant on your desk and if possible, set up your work station near a window where you can absorb plenty of sunlight and fresh air. 

    Women doing a yoga position
    If you’re a parent, use your children’s nap time to relax. This may be hard because their down times are crucial for getting a few things done around the house without interruption. But some days, it would benefit you to rethink that load of laundry and instead think about yourself: take a nap, brew another pot of coffee, read, journal, or do absolutely nothing. Trust me, you will be a much happier parent to your little ones if you are first good to yourself.
    Relaxation and rest is not a privilege earned. They are key requirements for your overall health. Start by planning periodic alone time. Set healthy boundaries and fully embrace the power of saying No. You can’t be everything to everyone. Tend to yourself first. You will be in a better state to tend to others and whatever life brings your way.