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    June 04, 2021 2 min read

    The body has seven chakras, with one sitting at each “energy point” in the body. Each chakra represents a different aspect of who you are. You can think of them as spinning “wheels of energy.” When the chakras are aligned and spinning with ease, and balanced, your life is balanced – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Where are the seven chakras?

    1. Base of the Spine: The “Root” chakra is symbolized by the color red and, when balanced, keeps us feeling steady and secure. When it’s out of balance, we’re in survival mode, full of anxiety (and probably dealing with digestive issues).
    2. Pelvis Area: The “Sacral” chakra is expressed by the color orange and represents sexual energy. When it’s balanced, we feel creative and happy. When it’s out of alignment, we feel negative emotions, unstable… and probably some lower back pain.
    3. Right Above the Belly Button: The “Solar Plexus” chakra is characterized by the color yellow. This is where we hold our self-confidence. When the naval chakra is balanced, we are connected to our purpose and motivation. When it’s struggling, so does our self-esteem and decision-making abilities.
    4. Over the Heart: The “Heart” chakra is symbolized by the color green and is the center of our feelings of love, forgiveness, and acceptance of both ourselves and others. However, if it’s unbalanced, we feel unworthy, co-dependent, and might even experience poor circulation.
    5. At the Neck: The “Throat” chakra is identified by its blue color. When it is in perfect alignment, we are able to authentically communicate and listen to others. If the throat chakra is out of alignment, we struggle to speak our truths, ask for what we need, and might deal with thyroid issues.
    6. Between the Eyebrows: The “Third-Eye” chakra is one of the most popularly known chakras. Characterized by its indigo color, it represents our “sixth sense” and how we perceive the world around us. When the third-eye chakra is balanced, we are capable of trusting our intuition and begin to find what we truly value. When it’s not aligned, we experience headaches, struggle to trust others, and become cynical.
    7. Top of the Head: The “Crown” chakra, depending on your view, can be a violet or white color, and it represents your divine spirit. When it’s aligned, we feel spiritually connected to our higher selves. When it’s unbalanced, we struggle throughout our daily activities and look for happiness outside ourselves.

    Chakras In Color

    How do I “align” my chakras?

    While some might take the path of seeing a healer or working with crystals, someone just beginning on their chakra journey might start by physically aligning their chakras. Yoga postures, breathing practices that encourage the flow of energy, and meditation are all great ways to align the body and turn your attention inward to your chakras.