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    March 12, 2021 2 min read

    “Spiritual Health” can be a bit tricky to define since what it truly means might vary from person to person. Overall, however, spiritual health means finding a balance between the physical, psychological, and social aspects of yourself in a way that allows you to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

    Not sure how to begin cultivating spiritual health? Here’s a few tips to get you into the right headspace for spiritual growth.

    1. Make a Vision Board

    If the goal of spiritual health is to live a purposeful and fulfilling life, it might help to have a visual of what that looks like for you. Making a vision board or a dream board can be incredibly helpful in defining what purpose and fulfillment look like in your mind. This way, you can return to it often to reset your thoughts and refocus on your future goals.

    A vision board can contain images that pertain to your career aspirations, your personal hobbies, your hope for your family, and more. Whatever you decide to include, ensure that it’s important to you and portrays what you want in life. A vision board has no place for the expectations of others or how people around you might pressure you to act.

    2. Catch Some Z’s

    This hack might seem very… physical for a spiritual health tip. But, like mentioned above, your physical health is deeply tied to your spiritual health. Getting enough sleep not only re-energizes your body, but it also re-energizes your spirit. When you have the rest you need, you are more inclined to positive thoughts and emotions, and you’re far less likely to criticize both yourself and others.

    3. Journal it Out

    A huge part of spiritual health is letting go of negative emotions so that you can maintain your focus on positive thoughts and feelings. Journaling has been proven to help release negative feelings as well as improve your memory! Whether you need to vent or you’re excited to catalogue a fantastic day, journaling will help you cultivate spiritual growth and improve your connection to your emotions.

    If a deep dive into journaling before bed every night isn’t your jam, try out some super-short journaling techniques. Pre-draw small boxes in your journal so you only need to fill out a certain space. Or, write down one bad thing and one good thing from each day for a simple, two-sentence journal entry. If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not draw it out instead? You don’t need to write a novel to reap the benefits of this hack!

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