Apple Orchard Candle

Fill your surroundings with rich, beautifully scented notes of Green Leaves, Pear, and Apple with our Apple Orchard Candle.

This is crafted from an all-natural blend of soy and coconut waxes and hand-poured into an easily repurposes vessel with cotton wicks that burn clean with an excellent cold and hot throw. No matter your style, you can rest assured that you're getting a high-quality, earth-friendly burn every time. 

This would also make a great gift for any friend or family member in your life who is just starting out and needs some sweet-smelling aromas and extra home decor pieces. From housewarming gifts to wedding presents, the possibilities are endless! 


  • Fragrance Notes: Green Leaves, Pear, and Apple.
  • Small Size: 5.5oz (Spaces like bathrooms and entryways) 
  • Medium Size: 10oz (Spaces like bathrooms, offices, and dens) 
  • Large Size: 17.2oz (Spaces like living rooms) 
  • Sample Size: 0.5oz
  • Free of Lead, Parabens, Paraffin, Petroleum, Phthalates, Sulfates, and Zinc

Care Tips:

  • Allow burning until the wax pool melts all the way to the edge. 
  • Burn for 3 to 4 hours at a time 
  • Keep in a cool and dry environment 
  • Burn in an ambient of 65–75 degrees °F.
  • Trim the wick each time you light it, removing any "bloom" from the previous burn. We recommend keeping the wick 1/4" in length.
  • Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings, matches, and debris. 
  • Keep away from drafts, vents, fans, or air currents.
  • Ensure that it is placed on a heat-safe surface. 
  • The lid is only for decorative purposes and not to be used as a snuffer
  • Before relighting, let it cool completely. 
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