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    Hustle & Heart Spray Set

    Enjoy Hustle + Heart - Boss Babe Blend in both the 4 oz. spray and the full size.

    Our solid perfumes have superpowers inside and can be worn anywhere outside of the body or in your hair.

    Lemon + Bergamot + Sweet Orange

    SMELLS LIKE: Notes of Lemony Citrus, and Success.

    Every day you’re gonna wake, slay and make your own way. You’ll take that hustle + heart and turn your life into art. You’ll be a glow-getter, a home-run hitter, a mover & shaker, and most of all your own rule maker!

    This blend inspires success…

    It’s not gonna be easy, but it IS gonna be worth it. There is nothing better than the freedom to live on your own terms, make your own rules, and not have to settle. The effort you make this time will be on your own behalf, and you are worth it. Align your heart and sense of purpose with your goal and then work at it, fight for it, ask for help, learn to rest - not quit, and just keep going. You got this, babe.

    Choose this if you want to be + feel:

    1. communicate well

    2. create a good impression

    3. mental clarity

    4. open to the possibilities

    5. know your worth

    6. keep grinding

    7. stop comparing

    8. set + attain goals

    9. release fear + doubt

    10. be unique

    11. anti-distraction

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