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    Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys Spray Set

    Enjoy Not My Circus Not My Monkeys - Anti-Distraction Blend in both the 4oz spray and the full-size!

    Lemon + Bergamot + Chamomile + Palmarosa

    SMELLS LIKE: Lemony citrus notes, with a touch of warm rosy herbs and chamomile.

    Bye, cray-cray…I’m refocusing on my own business and putting my valuable time and energy toward things that are genuine with my control and serve my higher good and healthy well-being

    Yeah, crazy pants over there is none of your business. People are gonna do what they do, think what they think, make their own way in the world. Spoiler alert: so will you, boo. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Focus on the stuff that can honestly make a positive difference in your life.

    Activates These Chakras:

    1st Root, 2nd Sacral, 3rd Solar Plexus, 4th Heart, 5th Throat, 7th Crown

    Choose it if you want to feel + be:

    1. Focused
    2. Sense of purpose
    3. Let go of toxic
    4. Less attached
    5. Grounded
    6. Positive
    7. Self-care
    8. Healthy
    9. Boundaries
    10. Less stress/anxiety
    11. Can laugh at life

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