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    Power Blend Collection

    POWER BLEND SERIES - The Power Blend Collection

    We took 3 of our favorite Power Blends: Spiritual Gangsta, Pretty Dope Soul, and Peaceful AF and put them together to make, hands down, THE most powerful collection of strength, kindness, peace, and total dopeness in the whole wide world. It's powerful as wearing a Wonder Woman costume (yet, slightly more socially acceptable in work environments).

    Spiritual Gangster description: Be a badass Spiritual Gangsta and walk through this world being powerful and kind…to yourself and all beings. This blend is excellent to wear during meditation, yoga or, simply when you are trying to feel more grounded in the middle of a crazy life!

    Smells like: Citrus and soul with a lemongrass power kick! It has an earthy, citrus with some warmth and woodiness.

    Pretty Dope Soul description: Humble enough to know you have a ton of flaws, but also wise enough to know that your heart is pure and your soul is as dope as they come. Pretty Dope Soul is a mixture of power and femininity. And zero apologies for being who you are. You are just out there, trying to be a good human and shine in your own unique way.
    The blend includes citrus notes of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, and sweet orange, with sexy and strong floral tuberose.

    Smells like: A sweet citrus smile, with a wink of tuberose femininity. A strong floral and citrus mix.

    Peaceful AF description: You are a divine magical creature of peace. Exhaling all the stuff that freaks you out, inhaling positivity and rainbow vibes, so you can sleep, sparkle, or do whatever the heck you want. This blend is like taking a chill pill. Whether you want to sleep better or just relax at any point during the day, you can put this on and go to your happy place.

    The blend includes : lavender, cedarwood, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang, with lavender being the primary note.

    Smells like: Your happy place. Ahhhhhh. Notes of relaxing lavender, sweetness, and wood.

    Apply them to your hair or skin (ideally, wrists, palms, arms, neck, legs, feet). Inhale them any time you'd like a whiff of self-confidence.

    This collection includes: 3 Warm Human Essential Oil Solids (Spiritual Gangsta, Pretty Dope Soul, and Peaceful AF), and an empty Warm Human Inspired Compact to put them in and take on the go.

    • Spiritual Gangsta
    • Pretty Dope Soul
    • Peaceful AF
    • 3-Piece Empty Compact to put them into

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