The Powerblend Series - 4 Piece Set

Try all 4 of our Power Blends; Peaceful AF, Pretty Dope Soul, Spiritual Gangsta, and Yoga-Ta-Be-Free.
  • Peaceful AF

Smells like: Your happy place. Ahhhhhh. Notes of relaxing lavender, sweetness and wood.

  • Pretty Dope Soul
Smells like: A sweet citrus smile, with a wink of tuberose femininity. A strong floral and citrus mix.
  • Spiritual Gangster

Smells like: Citrus and soul with a lemongrass power kick! It has an earthy, citrus with some warmth and woodiness.

  • Yoga-Ta-Be-Free.

Smells like: Grapefruit, lavender, and peppermint.