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    Third Eye Essence

    Our Third Eye Essence is a concentrated roll-on blend that can be used like perfume, while simultaneously bringing a powerful dose of aromatherapy and energy medicine to support balancewithin the third eye chakra. This blend has a soothing, comforting, earthy, and herbal aroma.

    With Jojoba Oil as the carrier oil, this Essence is rich in beneficial minerals, Vitamin E, and antioxidants. The most similar oil to human sebum, Jojoba Oil is lightweight, non-greasy, and easily absorbed, making it the ideal oil for aromatherapy and well suited for those with sensitive skin.

    Combined with organic essential oils and 5 elements of energetic infusions, this Essence will help restore balance to the third eye chakra - supportingyou in havingstrong intuitive and perceptive abilities through a deep connection to your inner knowing and higher self.

    Pure Ingredients

    Organic Unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

    High Vibration Infusions

    Crystals: Larimar and Ametrine

    Color: Indigo

    Tibetan Singing Bowl Musical Note: A

    Bija Mantra: OM

    Affirmations: I see.

    I trust my inner knowing, my wisdom.

    I see life situations clearly.

    I learn from experiences and gain perspective.


    Apply roll applicator to the skin and move in a small circle. Breathe deeply, visualize the color indigo, and repeat to yourself either the bija mantra OM and/or the affirmations.